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A single weatherproof 270-degree gives top and dual side access, so you can grab your camera without taking the pack off. Inside, patented FlexFold dividers provide instantly customizable organization. 100% recycled nylon canvas shell with a burly 900D bottom liner. Included in the new product launch are a new 30-liter travel backpack, a big 65-liter duffel bag, tiny new toiletry bags, and an interesting new take on an ultralight and packable tote bag.

If you have specialist gear for climbing or rafting or golfing or anything requiring greater spaces, this is not for you. Today the company is still backed by people like you and us, as opposed to corporate investors. This book is the ULTIMATE culmination of more than 10 years of travel experience. It’s full of valuable insider hacks and secrets that will help you unlock your full potential as a traveller.

She also contributes to Digital Camera World and T3, and helps produce two of Future’s photography print magazines in Australia. Not only is the shell made from 100% recycled materials, Peak Design tries to offset all its carbon emissions from start to finish . The company also donates a part of its revenue to environment nonprofits. So when you purchase a Peak Design product, you’re also helping the environment. Speaking of the side pockets, they’re both deep and can be shut magnetically , although small openings will expose the interior to water. That said, each side pocket has a permeable nylon piece that adds some stretch and can drain water away.

In order, we think this backpack suits photographers, travelers , commuters / everyday use and finally hikers. Shoulder straps have been intelligently designed to fit any body type by pivoting in a side to side motion. So whether you have flat shoulders or huge muscular traps, the straps will still sit flat against your body. The rigid shell fills us with confidence that its strength and security will keep our expensive media equipment safe and structured within the dividers.

This is where Peak Design’s flagship bag, the Everyday Messenger, comes in. This is a bag constructed to not just hold your camera, but everything you need. And it’s clear that Peak Design has sweated every single detail you could possibly imagine. I love the modular approach, which attempts to simplify travel via the use of dedicated pouches for tech, toiletries and clothing.

It’s a bit simpler on the inside, at least from a design standpoint. The single large compartment is divided into smaller units by Peak Design’s origami-inspired ‘shelves’. Called FlexFold dividers, three come in the 20L bag and they can be folded a few different ways to create custom sections to suit different items.

Version 2 of the popular Everyday backpack builds and improves on what users loved about Version 1. Dividers are incredibly useful for separating camera gear, or dirty from clean clothes or anything else you can think of. But they don’t have to be used, particularly if you need to make full use of 30 liters. If you’re hiking in extreme cold weather conditions and need a ton of gear, you will need a much larger backpack.

The nylon shell looks and feels amazing in its matt finish, and coupled with its concealed padding, it’s built to protect your precious camera gear even if you’re forced to check-in the bag when traveling. The Peak Design Everyday Backpack does a lot of things very well. The way you can organize your gear and easily access everything is the greatest strength. The two expandable external side pockets open with ease which means you don’t need to open the top to access your camera. Flexfold dividers let me reconfigure the bag’s interior to accommodate larger items like the camera body, flash, and a telephoto lens.

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We were sent the Midnight Blue version of the backpack and found that it picks up dust and scuff marks very easily indeed, although a damp cloth quickly takes care of that if it bothers you. To start with, there are so many loops and straps, which are mostly hidden away, that it will take you a while to discover them all and figure out how best to put them to use. These straps can be secured in any permutation or combination with the loops, even to create extra hanging loops for small items you want easy access to.

Note how secure the camera is when stowed in its own divider space. Well, we bought a 20 L and couldn’t fit what we needed inside. Therefore, our size section will focus only on the 30 L size. The backpack has a minimum volume of 22 L, which is then expanded to suit your needs up to a maximum of 30 L. This is not going to be incredibly technical, we’re more interested in telling you about the practicalities and real life situations for each aspect.