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They received my returned item quickly and made me aware of this, reassuring me that they had it and what I could do next. The exchange I requested was out of stock so again, their communication was fantastic. I was given different options and also offered a refund.

Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability. Visit our new in section to see the latest additions with new designer jackets and also sweatshirts at budget friendly prices for all.

With such an extensive brand portfolio comes responsibility. Here at Brown Bag Clothing, we make every effort to offer the best prices on men’s designer clothing. With a large choice of designer polo shirts, shorts, t-shirts and all your wardrobe must-haves, we can with confidence say we have you covered.

They come folded and can be easily stored until you’re ready to use them. Learn more about the paper carryout bag reduction fee. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation began enforcement of the plastic bag ban on October 19, 2020. New York State’s law banning plastic carryout bags took effect on March 1, 2020.

brown bag clothing reviews

Used a couple of times and no problems, jeans and tops all came in perfect condition and the price was very good. We are proud to be the recipient of the 2020 Independent Handbag Designer Award ♡. Selected as the 2020 Best Independent Handbag Designer Worldwide. Laundry Doctor will sort your load garment by garment, giving each item customized care. BBL is trusted by brands from NYC Fashion Week, leading businesses, and more. Our experts offer professional fittings, alterations, and cleaning — from vintage couture to leather and suede.

• If a customer’s order contains 8-hours products, all products will be shipped on the schedule of the products of 8 Hours. Build relationships with key people who manage and lead nonprofit organizations with GuideStar Pro. Our tote bags, makeup bags, pool bags, and insulated lunch boxes are water resistant, easy to clean, and easy to carry. They won’t weigh you down, and over packing is definitely encouraged, as most bags weigh less than one pound. They are multipurpose, for your multi-faceted, modern-day lifestyle, and help you keep it all together (in style!).

Urban Outfitters ( is a brand like Brown Bag Clothing that does offer free returns & exchanges. H&M ( is a brand like Brown Bag Clothing that does offer free returns & exchanges. I am so glad I went ahead with my purchase. The price was excellent and the delivery was very quick and on the day and time they promised. It even came in a super strong brown paper bag so they are saving the planet as well. I chose a different item and within two days I have received it.

Duro Bags are made by Novolex™, a popular packaging choice provider for an array of industries across the nation. They strive to use sustainable sources in all of their products, as well as products known for their quality and innovation. Only SNAP and WIC customers are exempt from the 5-cent paper carryout bag reduction fee. However, if a store is charging more than 5 cents for a paper bag, SNAP and WIC customers must still pay the remaining taxable charge for the bag. The New York State Bag Waste Reduction Act authorizes counties and cities to impose a 5-cent paper carryout bag reduction fee on paper carryout bags.

In New York City, businesses are required to collect a non-taxable 5-cent fee from customers on paper carryout bags, with some exceptions. You can avoid paying the paper bag fee by bringing your own reusable bags to stores. Stores are required to allow the use of reusable shopping bags. This pack of 500 Duro paper bags #4 are the perfect size for carting and storing small items. Each bag measures in at nearly 10-inches tall and about five-inches wide. Duro paper bags are staple products in a variety of industries, from grocery stores and restaurants to hardware stores and sundry shops.