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The ventilation is supreme on hot hikes, and the waist belt snugs tight to transfer the load. In my case it was a foggy morning up the Pacific Coast Highway. I was headed to Big Sur for three days of uphill hiking, waterfall hunting, and generally basking in low elevation backpacking. If you are doing lots of walking and backpacking/camping trips, then you’ll want a specific kind of pack, like the Osprey backpackers bag that I have. This was kind of the ubiquitous standard for world travelers.

Osprey backpacks are highly-adjustable to fit most body types. When it comes to designing backpacking gear, there’s a constant struggle between durability and weight. Making blanket statements that women shouldn’t buy this pack and instead get the women’s specific version aren’t helpful. I’m a small shouldered, but tall woman, with hips and breasts and while the women’s version fits me, I absolutely prefer the fit of the men’s.

I miss the organisation of being able to stash my car key safely in the lid when it is not on. The Renn 50 has a top lid pocket sewn to the backThe top lid is sewn to the pack and not removable. It has a single pocket, which has plenty of room for a map, key ring , basic first aid, hat, and gloves, etc. The top lid has some elasticity around the edges, which gives it a nice fit around the top of the pack. Did you find that the ‘anti-gravity’ suspension lived up to the hype?

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Osprey will replace or repair just about anything you need. If you notice a factory defect or have issues with your Talon 33, Osprey will come to the rescue to repair or replace your backpack altogether. Lessons from 10 years of Backpacking and Entrepreneurship from the OG Broke Backpacker… It’s 2021 in Review. The Daylite Plus is a simple, stylish, dual-purpose backpack that is equally at home in the office or in the forest.

Still, I enjoy using this pack, and besides the time I had it replaced on account of some busted zippers, I have been happy with its performance. My own pack of seven years or so is everything the ILBE was supposed to be. The Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack (AG stands for anti-gravity) is strong, lightweight, and fits better than my favorite t-shirt.

On the bottom of the backpack there’s another pocket hiding the waterproof cover. I’m a big fan of its bright color and reflective logo for extra visibility at night. I use this pocket to keep my spare tube, patch repair kit, multi tool and pump in. There’s a quick access pocket on the front of the backpack for your phone, sunglasses and wallet.

Thick padding and highly adjustable straps make this the most comfortable and easy-to-fit pack sized for people with longer torsos. For such a trip I would consider Osprey Exos 58 or Atmos 65. Nevertheless, it really depends on how much gear, food etc. you are planning to take with you. If you are sleeping in huts, you only need a sleeping bag and Austrian huts also provide food and drinks.

In the seven years I’ve owned this pack, I’ve preferred dispersed camping to established campsites. The idea of leaving the comfort of my own house to listen to someone else’s conversations and sleep within 10 feet of a paved road just doesn’t sound like fun to me. I’ve turned to the Atmos for several remote camping trips, and it’s impressed me every time. Testing the Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack Less expensive packs provide similar durability by using tough materials and robust components everywhere. That approach works and saves money on testing, but it results in a heavy product.

There are a couple different features to note, and I’ll start with the Talon 22. The Talon 22 backpack features a LidLock bike helmet attachment point, which is why I recommend this pack for bikers. This pack also has several pockets to organize your equipment that the 33 does not. Users have reported that the position of the side mesh pockets makes it difficult to reach your water bottle on-the-go. You can use this bag for daily use, day hikes, and overnight trips with ease. If you are going on some crazy adventure into the jungle and want a serious 100% waterproof backpack, check out Chris’s in-depth review of the best waterproof backpacks for adventurers.

Of course, all the assurances from shop assistants are great, but the only way to really test a hiking pack is to, well, go hiking with it. For example, consider Gregory’s Zulu 65, a pack that is roughly in the same class as Osprey’s popular Atmos 65. Both have the same internal volume , but even just holding them in your hands, it’s easy to feel the difference in the thickness of the material. Osprey’s Atmos feels nearly bomb-proof with thick, burly material throughout the pack.