Celine Triomphe Bag Review

Made from signature Triomphe canvas, trimmed with tan calfskin leather, and lined with high-quality textile to ensures thisPatapans bagis high-quality and beautiful. A single leather shoulder strap is adjustable and long enough to allow the bag to be carried over the shoulder and across the body. This is a somewhat dainty bag that will make a stunning addition to any casual or more dressy outfit. The panels border the bag’s main body and create a seam down the middle and closing flap. At the centre of it all is a simple, gold metal twist-lock fastening mechanism. This bag has a cohesively pretty, feminine, and vibrant feel to it.

celine triomphe bag review

Remember, though, that CELINE is a luxury brand, so treating yourself to the Triomphe bag is definitely a splurge purchase. With the holidays coming up, though, maybe Santa will gift you with one. It’s important first to mention that this bag is a press sample, and press samples often get a lot of use as they’re sent off for use time and time again. This bag however showed very little signs of wear, and even after using it extensively for a month it still looked new. When it comes to getting in and out of the bag, the hardware closure is a bit tricky and it took me quite a few tries to figure out how it worked. It’s worth noting that the bag fits really nicely worn over the shoulder and is super light in weight even when full.

Although light, the strips of leather are actually reinforced – especially the bottom! The Balenciaga Bazar has two zippers, which I thought was a great touch. The zips do not glide as smoothly as I would like, however, but that’s just a minor thing, not a deal-breaker at all.

I apply the first coat, leave the bag to air dry and then wait until the next day to apply the second coat. This way, I’m sure that the material is evenly coated with the stuff. I used to have the Delicate Cream and I use it to condition my leather bags but when I ran out, I bought the more potent cream – reinigungs creme. First spotted on the arm of Lady Gaga, the Celine 16 is Hedi Slimane’s debut design for the House. If you are only going to have one Celine bag in your collection, it better be their Classic Box Bag!

I don’t apply too much because I don’t want the bags to feel greasy although this dries down completely. Pump about a dollar size of the foam on a soft clean cloth. Apply directly on the leather material and work that ‘ish in. You’ll start seeing the cleaning cloth getting dirty as you work the product in but there’s no color transfer unless you are removing the jean stains. There’s been a lot of construction going on in our house right now. After the bathroom renovations, we are getting our garage ceiling fixed which means the kids are sleeping at grandma’s house.