Deuter Compact Exp 10 Sl Women’s Backpack Review

It is created from spring steel that doesn’t noticeably flex or give in under weight, no matter how much I shove inside the pack. Everything from the stitching to the zippers are all built to last but also can be repaired both professionally and in the field if absolutely need be. I’m yet to see any signs of wear or damage to the pack, even in high wear areas. If something does go wrong, Deuter has a lifetime repair warranty that covers any damage, for any reason.

While the extra webbing isn’t really a manufacturing flaw, I’ll personally probably either cut them shorter or find a way to rig them out of my way. Even when I wore moisture-absorbing material, my clothing would end up getting soaked and looking like I went for a swim. Not everyone has this problem, but it’s a real challenge for those of us with extra insulation. So when my local outfitter told me about the Deuter AirContact Lite series, I was interested.

Get access to brief summaries of our reviews so you can browse and make decisions more efficiently. Overall I rate this bag excellently, it has a lot of storage and it has adequate ventilation and the travel bag is a nice bonus. The bag was also not too large for travel on the trains in Japan which can be very crowded. I could minimize my impact on space to the point where I was not a burden to those around me.

deuter backpack review

On the plus side, the Variquick Frame system has a large central air channel to help ventilate your back. The padding runs along the sides of your spine rather than on top of it while keeping the frame locked closely on your hips to make loads easier to carry. The padding is flared slightly at the bottom to create a lumbar pad, but it’s very unobtrusive and feels just right. It is super easy to use because it’s so easy to access. However, the torso lengths aren’t labeled in inches or centimeters along the rear ladder locks, so you have to adjust the pack by feel, which isn’t the most obvious thing for beginners. If in doubt, fit the pack with a knowledgeable friend to help you.

My last few packs have let me down a bit here and as it is ultimately one of the most important elements of a backpack I was left disappointed. The most recent model of the ACT 65+10 is 15% lighter and has some new features like hip fins that flow into the back which allows the backpack user to carry heavier loads. The ACT 75 is a great gear hauler and you can stuff it almost endlessly on the inside and on the outside. For example, the pack has two tiers of compression straps on the side of the backpack that can be used to store snowshoes to the side of the pack. This backpack is perfect for people who are looking for a backpack that can serve more than one purpose and at the same time get the most for your money.

Front Opening; a zipped opening on the front of the pack is always a necessity for a backpack of this size. You will also find a top zippered pocket for your toiletries and other essentials and a front panel to stow your travel documents and books. You also have access to a few internal pockets for anything that requires a bit more security. The company started its life in 1898 and is currently one of Germany’s most popular bag producers.

The bottom of this backpack is reinforced to prevent wear or punctures in the material. There’s an internal pocket that allows you to separate your valuable items from the rest of your gear. Deuter uses both nylon and polyester for their backpacks.