Doughnut Philippines

Mini is the compact version of the classic size, it is perfect to carry daily essentials. The classic Macaroon and Macaroon Tiny have highly functional interior with multiple compartments, organizing your daily essentials in style. Comfortable, very easy to organize and durable. The bag itself is very good quality and came nicely packaged.

As parents, we also love how cushiony the straps are and how sturdy it is, even when stuffed to the brim. 1) Click on the “Compare” button under the respective product to add it to the comparison list. I gave it a fair try, but I’ll be retiring it from daily use. Maybe it’ll come back out to be a suitcase for an overnight trip, but that’s not what I expected this to be.

Plus, both size came with an extra lap top compartment & iPad compartment to protect it too. Heart melted I love things that really care about us and know what we want. I got lots of question on this colourful bag and some of you actually fall in love with its colour. I fall in love with it because of the colour combination & design of the bag itself. So the first bag I got was a mini size macro Doughnut bag and it’s really popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well.

The level of customer service this brand also has is superb. I’ve received my package very fast plus it’s exactly as the picture. But I tried to contact customer service twice but they never answered back. I’ll be giving it a week and then reporting to Trading Standards. By the looks of other reviews on here this isn’t a one off. As an adult, I think I’ve only owned three, and today’s post is about the third ever one.

Additionally, it has two handles, one on the top and the second one on the side. It makes the bag more comfortable to carry on in one hand. If you like the macaroon’s colorful design, but they are a bit over your budget. There is an affordable alternative called Himawari.

It’s slim and comfortable to wear and has lots of handful of pockets. Thanks to this it is perfect for daily expeditions. Traditional clips instead of the zipper on the front side make the backpack look not so sporting.

Aside from the durability and weather-resistance, Doughnut bags also give functionality like no other. This is the only bag so far that satisfies my mild OCD. It has different compartments for my belongings, making it easier for me to organize my things. Throughout the entire hike, I didn’t encounter any problems with the backpack at all. I was so confident going up the mountain even if I was so tired from the steep slopes that I had to climb. Aside from that, I was really impressed by how easily dust just slid off of the bag, as well.

doughnut backpack review

The main compartment is accessed by unzipping the front panel of the backpack. The flap that covers the zipper is a little obstructive. It’s stiff and very deep, so folding it back to access the zipper is an extra step to opening, and almost requires both hands. The zipper itself is sturdy and the leather pull tabs are really nice. The finish on the hardware is quite nice.

Polyester, a sustainable textile made from recycled plastic bottles. Our vision is to create products using minimum of resources and to achieve zero-waste production in the future. Was eyeing this bag for long time and it’s the best thing that you guys are having sales now!