Fishpond Summit Sling Pack Product Review

Umpqua Steamboat Fly Fishing Sling Bag features a fully padded back panel to compact back pain and fatigue. At the same time, it features an adjustable strap to fit people of all sizes. This shoulder strap is also really well padded for increased comfort. One of the things which we personally like about this fly fishing sling bag is that it is built with comfort in mind.

The design of the Orvis is very thought through and the cushy, foam-padded shoulder strap makes it an ideal choice for long days at the river. AnglerDream Fly Fishing Chest Pack is made out of highly durable polyester fiber. When it comes to fly fishing chest packs, this option is about as well made and durable as you could hope for. On a side note, the camouflage coloring helps keep you incognito while fly fishing and in the woods.

The net becomes a pain when you need to get into the pack by flipping it over the shoulder. As well as when trying to replace the net after landing a fish. A simple magnet release on the back is much simpler than trying to find the slot behind the back. I didn’t have intentions of purposefully submerging the bag, but after a nasty slip while wading everything was soaked. The best waterproof fishing slings are fully submersible. That means you can put them under water and they will keep your gear dry no matter what.

We are closing out remaining stock of Simms G3 Guide Waders and Guide Pants. Just like the FishPond Thunderhead and the Patagonia Guidewater it is completely waterproof, even when submerged.

The ability to have all of your gear within an arms reach is an absolute game-changer and can make for a much more enjoyable day on the water. These packs offer increased storage, easier accessibility, and reinforced water protection as opposed to lumbar and hip packs. Here are a couple of great sling pack options offered by some of our favorite companies. The Orvis Waterproof is the last waterproof sling pack in our test and it’s fully loaded with nice little features.

fishpond sling pack

A fly fishing sling pack has only one strap that you wrap around your chest. This makes it the perfect hybrid of a fly fishing hip pack and a backpack. You sling the pack around your chest, hence the name sling pack.