The judging review will be based on the relevant key points why you should deserve this award which is mentioned in the nomination form for Teachers, Professors, Institutes, Leaders.


Finalists and winners in the KAT EDU EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2019 will be chosen based on TWO key elements:

Uniqueness (Key Points to Deserve this Award)

Is your achievements different from others? Do you have achievements in the field which you categorized into? You can explain your uniqueness in the Key Points to deserve this Award field in the nomination form

Passion/ Experience (The Attachments)

Does it pull the viewer in, motivate someone to reach in that direction ? Does it get them excited and motivated? Is it alive? Please mention it through your attachments field in the nomination form.

Beyond the initial attraction and interest, are you passionate about your teaching? Is the content clear and accurate? Is it understandable?

Criteria for people and organization-oriented awards are generally based on evidence of leadership and trendsetting. Selections are left to the discretion of our judges.