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Also, I had mine for a month when I notice the corners were starting to wear already. I’m not hard on mine at all- I wore it for 1 week on vacation and only once or twice a weekend since. The roughest thing I’ve done with it is put it in a bike basket for an hour.

Like Senior Attorney said, it’s cooler in the mornings and at night but hot during the day. 5 • 11 RatingsLo & Sons creates high-quality travel bags with a simple design. The Insider Reviews team put eight different bags to the test , traversing New York City and even traveling across the country and overseas. Our travels and daily commutes were much improved as a result.

The leather feels really good, and is advertised to be scratch and water resistant. One difference between this version and the prior version is that the logo is now imprinted into the leather, and not gold stamped on, which gives it a much more minimalistic and sleek look to it. I’m 5’2″ and I only use the long strap on its own, adjusted so that it hangs right on the body. You would never guess the Claremont is a camera bag, but it has special features like SD Card slots and pocket dividers, that are perfect for traveling photographers.

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– then do the same with the other foot (albeit now not-heeled), while also unpacking her bag, putting everything in 2-3 different bins, and not getting run over by pushy people in line? I rotate between a few pretty regularly, and what’s helped me is having a smaller pouch for all of my stuff. I have a little pouch that carries my chapstick, gum, tampons, etc. So then all I need to do is swap out that pouch, my wallet, and my sunglasses when I want to carry a new bag.

A New York-based brand, Lo and Sons was established by a mother and her two sons for the minimalist, the lover-of-pockets. Lo and Sons bags are built to travel light without compromising functionality and style. The image below shows what I managed to fit inside my crossbody while traveling – as you can see, it can carry quite a bit for such a small bag. Perhaps not as spacious as the Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C., but still pretty roomy nonetheless.

With ample pockets for organization and optional flexible dividers, this bag fits a 13-inch MacBook Pro, a charger, and plenty of other accessories. Even fully loaded, the Everyday Sling maintains a slim profile that makes it easy to keep it close to your body. The strap is made from a seatbelt-like material, designed to slide easily over clothes, and it doesn’t bunch up on your shoulder as some straps do. From there, Lo & Sons’ success drove the team to develop over 15 other styles, including overnight bags, laptop bags, camera bags, clutches, backpacks, and more — for both men and women. For an even slimmer design than the Pearl handbag, the Waverly is my go-to purse.

I mean, this is why I pay for global entry, to avoid this headache. SO is giving me a hard time for wanting to ditch him for the first portion of our trip. So worth it — I’ve had it for several years and use it regularly. It’s the perfect cell phone, wallet, sunglasses and small amount of make-up size. Same with some of the less nice things we put on our registry – for example, a cheaper tea kettle and toaster because we felt silly registering for the nicer, more expensive version. While it’s important to balance out price (and we had lots of ~$5 bowls or spatulas that I love), I now feel bad replacing something that’s not great because it was a wedding gift.

Before, it wouldnt take more than an hour for him to respond to my texts. The one text I had sent him 2 days ago (“Hey, when can we see each other?”) remains unread. I enjoy his company more than staring at my phone waiting for him. But if I had work to do or had to pee I’d go through precheck and take the carry on. Why do we feel the need to call women over the top/dramatic/etc.