Louis Vuitton Slim Purse Monogram Noir Canvas Microchip Embed

I decided to just forget it and buy a nice small bag from another high end company who is much more cooperative. I am not getting any younger and need good CS. The Slim Purse from Louis Vuitton is a streamlined design which can be carried as a clutch or used as wallet and slipped inside a bag. The Slim Purse features the ever popular Monogram Reverse canvas with leather trim and goldtone hardware.

For generations, it remained coveted, revered, and virtually unchanged. The quickest and most reliable way to authenticate your Louis Vuitton bag is to inspect the inner labels. Also, the famous Louis Vuitton pattern may give out a lot of replica models.

All orders ship from our warehouse from Monday through Friday . Orders placed before 12PM PST/3PM EST will ship the same day. The ZTUJO Purse Organizer Insert is the top choice for its many pockets, and it’s the perfect size for designer bags. If you are looking for something a bit less expensive, you can try the lightweight Lian LifeStyle bag organizer , which features 13 pockets. This pick has seven pockets, including one for your laptop or tablet, four interior pockets, and two bottle-sized pockets on either end.

What you should also point out is the thickness of this label, as the replicas tend to be thinner. Another important aspect, which applies to all of the text details, is the fonts. Notice how narrow the characters of the replica label are, and now bulky the real letters look.

lv slim purse review

The bag cost me around $1200 US from a Vegas US store in the Wynn Hotel. I am an Australian and this happened in Australia. Speechless and helpless with NO BAG to show for my hard earned $$$. I went to Louis Vuitton store and purchased a Pont Neuf bag in red. I noticed there was a white stain on the bag, I was in the store telling the guy I don’t want the bag anymore, credit my account.

Diane asked me if I would be happy with that and I stated yes. She took my credit card information and said she needed a few days to do the transfer. When I got home I did in fact see a stain on handle and 3 deep scratches that could NOT have possibly been made by me in the 2 minutes the bag was out of the box.

The wallet is in black caviar leather and gold hardware. It has two compartments for cards and has a snap-button closure. You could technically use this wallet for coins, but since there is no zipper, I only use this for cards. The back is very plain, no pocket or anything. And when I purchased my second Chanel WOC in black lambskin for myself as a Christmas gift, I knew that any use I might have had for the large wallet flew out the window. I had already not used it for over a year, so I knew it was time.

First, you must understand the meaning of the text found in this label. For the bags released after the 1980s, the first two letters signify the production location, while the numbers specify the date. Then, authenticate the stitching and make sure that the right threads are used. An authentic Louis Vuitton purse would use high-quality, thick threads that have the same shade as the tab itself. When it comes to the counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags, the thread used is often too thin.

I got a a purse and wallet to match them, but the stitches are coming out from the wallet and the piece of gold of the purse scratches everywhere… Never again I will buy from LOUIS VUITTON. Never. I will give my money to Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc.