Luggage Review

Each year, Away releases one set of Away luggage in the Pantone Color of the Year. Similar to the other models, you can get any suitcase in the Aluminum collection with or without an ejectable battery . The handle of the Away suitcaseWhile these certainly have a sleek look to them, I will add that they are possibly too low-profile for some users. I found that this style of handle hugged the suitcase a little too hard and made it difficult to lift the bag without pinching my fingers.

away suitcase review

24hours later I was informed that they would send out a replacement suitcase. I have since bought additional suitcases as gifts for my adult children because Away stands by its products. One of the benefits of Away luggage is that the company also regularly partners up with charities and organizations that aim to do good in the world.

The panel also has a zippered pocket for storing passports, documents or accessories. Hard shell –The external material of The Carry-on is made from a durable polycarbonate shell, so you won’t have to worry about the contents being damaged if your luggage is tossed around a bit. If both suitcases are fully packed, the Muji suitcase was easier to wield and navigate on the floor and across different surfaces.

Made of a hard polycarbonate shell, The Large suitcase is sleek, durable, and thoughtfully made. With a capacity of 99.2 liters, the design allows users to pack a surprising amount of stuff. We purchased the Away The Large suitcase so our reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it while traveling with her family.

You could even use this handy bag instead of a backpack on transit so you can roll your gear instead of carrying it. Also inside in a small zippered hidden pocket on the bottom is a removable water resistant laundry bag that you can tuck wet bathing suits into. The Away luggage arrived well packed and nicely wrapped in a beautiful box which is a nice touch that makes the overall package feel special. Previously I had a chance to test the Away Bigger Carry-on. It’s a touch larger than my current carry-on, and a smidge larger than the ‘regular’ Away carry-on size, which I’ve also been able to test out on a trip to Nashville. One of the key features of these bags is that you can get them with removable batteries so you can keep all your gadgets and gear charged up on the go.