Matein Travel Laptop Backpack Review

Yes, it is important to get a waterproof backpack so that your electronic gadgets do not get damaged due to rain. These backpacks provide a protective waterproof covering that prevents any type of liquids from entering the bag. Canvas backpacks are water-resistant and can protect your electronic devices from light showers. However, these backpacks are not durable and can easily get damaged due to abrasion.

matein backpack review

Great for protecting basic weather-sensitive items such as flashlights, first-aid kits, and laptops. The backpack is made out of 100% polyester and it’s available in several different colors. You can pick from black, blue, denim, green, grey, purple, and salmon. All of them look really nice and this feels like a high-quality backpack. It’s priced very reasonably for all that you’re being offered, putting it somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of pricing. Has a lot of small compartments and pockets for phone, keys, pens, passport, etc.

There is a tightly stitched inner pocket to store your phone and writing utensils. We all love our phones and you will not be without one because the backpack comes with a USB charging port. Furthermore, if you need to listen to your tunes while in the wild, there is a headphone jack to play the sweet sounds of nature while IN NATURE. This feels really good when you’re wearing it and it has a good airflow back design.

But for a personal item, it’s still very lightweight, so it doesn’t really matter. I bought this backpack because it looked good, it was only thirty-something dollars, and it had incredibly good customer reviews. And often they review only the products that provide the most kickbacks when you buy.

The backpack features trolley straps so you can securely put them on your rolling luggage and give your shoulders some rest. There is a separate, well-padded compartment in the main to hold your laptop and other devices, so if you happen to drop it on the floor, it will protect them nicely. A somewhat unique feature is the centrally located straps which provide better weight distribution for your back. Most other backpacks have the straps located on the sides where they can shift unevenly.

You might be able to sneak it in as a personal item sometimes, but occasionally they might ask you to use it as a carry-on instead. The Matein laptop backpack is offered in blue, brown, charcoal black, grey, grey and black camo, and red colors. I chose the grey option, because, in my opinion, it looked the most minimalistic. Backpacks made out of nylon or polyester are durable as well as affordable. You may also want to consider high quality materials like leather or canvas, which add luxe detail but are considered pricier options. Do you want to feel like a real soldier on the battlefield while traveling the world?

You’ll be able to fit this bag into overhead compartments and might be able to fit it underneath the seat of an airplane, depending on how much you packed in the bag. This is made to fit a 17-inch laptop as well, so you’ll be able to take your laptop on your trip without having to worry. This anti-theft business backpack has a unique concealed double zipper design that increases the security of your valuables. It has a built-in external USB port and a functional luggage strap that makes it incredibly easy to mount your travel pack on your wheeled luggage when traveling. This backpack is designed for maximum comfort and functionality, from the sleek minimalist design to the massage and breathable back design. The size of a laptop backpack states the type of laptop and other gadgets that it can store.

Matein not only develops a functional backpack but a stylish one too. You can choose a suitable color from the ten options, including blue, charcoal black, red-gray, and more. If you’re the kind that travels frequently, you don’t need to purchase another backpack. Its dimensions (18 x 12 x 7.8 inches) are small enough to carry during flights. Contoured straps are padded with air mesh,can convert from big backpack into a carry on duffel bag easily.