Mid Wet Bag

I’m always in search of the perfect work bag so I was really excited when I came across this option. I literally could go on and on about how amazing this brand is, but I highly recommend you check out their website and do a little browsing! This is the number one handbag brand I recommend to my friends and family ever since I received my first JEMMA handbag. The tote has two simple top handles for those times when you just want to grab your stuff and get off the plane.

jemma bag review

I got the bag in a special-edition Croc Chocolate, which is this gorgeous deep brown color in croc-embossed leather. I was looking for a brown bag and I messaged Jemma customer assistants through the chat button about their color options. They got back to me very quickly with all their brown bag options, including this limited edition beauty which wasn’t on their website! They were very sweet while I dithered over it but ultimately I couldn’t resist. In person the croc embossed leather is even more gorgeous in person and the perfect shade to go with any outfit.

After carrying the Birdie Bag, I can confidently say I won’t be buying another gym bag anytime soon. Keep reading to learn why it could be the best work-to-gym-and-everything-in-between transition bag you’ll own. It also makes the perfect gift for the stylish gym rat or boss lady in your life. I tried put in the bag a few items that might be part of a daily carry, starting with my laptop, which is a 15″ Surface Book 2. This does fit in the laptop sleeve with no room to spare on the sides, which I really like. However, you can see that it does stick out on top by about an inch, so the bag is not quite tall enough for the laptop.

On the website they have a few colors available in smooth leather, including taupe, black and white color block, and a deep mahogany brown which I was also deciding between. Jemma is on a mission to build the world’s most beloved brand of handbags. They are committed to providing their customers with only the highest quality bags made from the finest Italian materials.

I often find myself fumbling around luggage with dark colored lining. It can be difficult to see, but the white lining makes it easy. JEMMA is bringing something new and exciting to a market that has long been dominated by giants such as Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors. They are shaking things up with designer handbags, that are stylish, versatile, practical, and some might say…inspired. Fits all my stuff and looks good with a purse.

On the Inside it contains JEMMA’s standard assortment of pockets and compartments, but it also has a few extra surprises. Also included are a cosmetic case and a drawstring laundry bag. The EMMA Traveler is a step up in size from the 37. This bag can fit up to a 16″ laptop along with a multitude of other items. The center compartment is removable and can be carried separately as a stylish leather clutch.

My 4 month old puppy has started to pick up and chew on little rocks. She expelled one yesterday and gave us quite a fright. Any suggestions on how to train her out of this? We are taking her to weekly puppy training classes and haven’t yet mastered “leave it” or “let it go,” (but she can sit and lay!). I have an uncle on my dad’s side whom I have heard speak maybe three words in my entire life.

The number one reason why I love JEMMA is because of the amazing quality of their handbags. I received my JoJo bag back in 2016 and have worn this bag consistently since the day I received it in the mail. The bag, even after considerable use, still looks like brand new and there is not a stitch out of place. I’ve had a few Jemma bags now, and I will say that I was actually pleasantly surprised when I opened up the Jackie 56. This one really does feel like a luxe piece of travel luggage, in the same league as Tumi, Lipault, and the like.

Although on paper the dimensions look similar, you can see in the pictures that in practice the Neverfull fits a ton more stuff, due to the open top and the ability to stuff it to the brim. Again, having to close the Jemma with the flap closure reduces the capacity. Even with the Neverfull sides cinched in to make it a smaller bag, since the Neverfull is taller I think it still fits a bit more than the Jemma. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I wanted to throw up a quick first impressions of this gorgeous bag from Jemma – the Emma Traveler 39.