Review For Himawari Women’s Back, Pink+gray, Regular

While looking into the Fjallraven Kanken backpack, it led me to discover another brand called Doughnut, a Hong Kong company. They produced many different bags, and one of their most popular bags is their Doughnut Macaroon backpack. In a way, Macaroon’s basic form and structure are very similar to the Kanken we are familiar with. The differences are the details and the materials they use. It’s currently the second most wished-for travel product (right behind this anti-theft backpack), and it’s small enough to go with you on any adventure. But despite its petite size, the bag can still store all of your essentials.

himawari backpack review

Made from eco-friendly and water-proof canvas, this backpack already looks pretty good on the durability scale. For some context, customers should know that cotton and canvas materials rank around the second highest durability for soft sided backpacks and rucksacks. Canvas bags are much more durable than polyester or simple cotton bags like something from Kah&Kee Backpacks, while the highest durability backpacks are usually made from blends of nylon. Himawari backpack is used for carrying personal belongings while travelling or going to school.

Made of durable nylon fabric, the backpack is water- and scratch-resistant. It also features a comfortable ergonomic design with padded reinforced straps to protect your shoulders that easily adjust for a customized fit. If your shoulders need a break, carry the bag by its top handle. It’s made from Korean twill fabric–nicely sturdy with a smooth texture. I like the feel of it more than Cordura, and it has stood up well to some serious abuse. It stayed water resistant when I carried it in a light rain, with the water beading on the surface.

As a comparison, I compared it to my Fjallraven Kanken bag which barely stood up to this one. Here are a few first things to keep in mind The straps are padded I am thankful to God! My shoulders are not irritated by them, nor am I burnt by them. Hemawari has a beautiful compartment system, in contrast to the Kanken, which has no organizational elements.

The backpack is full of pockets and compartments which is ideal for getting organized. It’s versatile, slim and lightweight yet can carry a large amount of gear when needed. The back panel is breathable and hascomfortable shoulder strapsand sturdier carrying handles. These backpacks are made to give you comfort, no matter the method you choose to carry your load.

It would take up a lot of room to have my textbook, plus my 1″ binder, 3 books, and my notebooks. You may either put in or take out it is all up to you. I’m using the backpack for school and well, can fit my 2inch binder with my school issued chromebook and 1 small science textbook and a novel and my pencil case that can barely fit inside. I have essentially what’s a Himawari dupe, and I like how it fits items in it. But the fit is definitely the type where your body shape and size will work with it or it won’t. For me the straps start to border on lightly uncomfortable but I usually don’t wear it for long periods and so it works for my needs. The Himawari backpack offers value for money with its spaciousness, extra features, and lovely appearance.

Whatever colour you choose, the backpacks are all designed to keep trendy people in mind. So the combination of colour and the straps with accent colours on the front looks highly appealing. Like many backpacks today, the one we have here also has all thestraps that can be adjustedand are necessary to ensure a comfortable and secure fitting. It’s frustrating how we seem to have limited stylish options when it comes to school backpacks. With a minimalist design and a touch of class, it really stands out from the boring backpacks on the market.