The Best Of London Fog Luggage

Gaining a few more inches in size, the Chelsea 25-inch spinner bag from London Fog is the perfect mid-sized luggage. It’s a mirror image of the 21-inch carry-on I just discussed, but with added storage. Sometimes a luggage set offers too many or too few suitcase options.

It is made from fabric that is padded with EVA foam for further protection. The heavy-duty polyester fabric is laid out in a honeycomb structure so the luggage can both give you strength and lightness. This bag is also made with aluminum construction and reinforced back panel. The polyester is tri-woven with a Houndstooth design—classic, fashionable, and durable. It is made with Ballistic polyester material, a woven fabric that is known for its strength, lightness, and resistance to dirt and stains. Aside from Ballistic weave, the luggage also features a fabric lining, injection-molded chassis, and aluminum channel tubes.

On the back, there is an address window and a flat zippered pocket. Inside the luggage lid, there are pockets for shoes and a “suiter clip” to hang a jacket or a special item of clothing from a clothes hanger. It also comes with 2 sturdy plastic bags to keep toiletries and shampoos. One of Caribbean Joe’s only available brand sets, it’s impressive that this company has shown to keep up with London Fog in so many ways.

The best softside luggage should offer a mixture of things, the first and foremost of those being an extended packing space which is also lightweight. Next in durability are bags which use cotton canvas, and finally polyester bags have the lowest durability . Lucas Luggage and IT Luggage are two of the top brands for affordable lightweight luggage made from durable long-lasting materials. For the most part we’ll let you decide which is better for yourself, after all the traveler usually knows what bag will suit their needs.

This bag is constructed from polyester materials but with a stronger cross weave pattern and a scratch resistant accent trim. It’s best used only as a carry-on bag and rarely checked. The following review is organized into categories which compare both brands side by side in a way that lists nothing but the facts.

london fog travel bag

And you won’t regret your purchase and choosing this awesome luggage brand that matches your needs and style. The handles of the suitcase are quite convenient to carry and roll. The brand was able to make its special place in the highly competitive luggage industry because of its ultimate features and designs.

It’s a win-win situation and you get exactly what you need without spending more than you have to. Dual handles allow you to carry it easily, or alternatively, it can be stacked on top of a carry-on luggage for hands-free travel. It has clean lines and is a modern interpretation of classic styles.

It also comes with a nice removable plastic bag for toiletries, which is a nice bonus. Instead of two or four wheels, each upright suitcase has 8 wheels in total. Each corner consists of double wheels that can pivot 360 degrees for optimal maneuvering. Corner guards protect the suitcases from damage and prolong their wear. The suitcases glide freely over carpet or uneven surfaces and the retractable handle feels ergonomic in your hand.

This London Fog Luggage enables you to carry a few days to week clothing. Its spacious interior lets you organize all your items in ease, while the straps ensure that your things stay in place. Better still, this bag is also well padded with EVA foam to ensure superior protection. The fog guard protection is also a great addition to repel stain and water. Compact yet spacious, the London Fog Cambridge II 15″ boasts of an all-time fan favorite design and style. It comes in various stylish shades, making it easy for you to match your outfit.

It has aluminum channel tubes and hyperlight chassis with grid base for enhanced strength. The zipper used is industrial self-repairing nylon zippers. It is made of the woven houndstooth material which is very durable. The woven fabric is then fused with EVA foam to make it light yet has enhanced protection and support.